Creating the competitive advantage.

The strength and long-term value of our business model is in placing our customers, their markets and the environment at the heart of everything that we do.


  • Market Leadership
  • Polypipe Brand


  • Breadth and Depth of Product Systems
  • Substituting Legacy Materials


  • Manufacturing & Logistics Scale
  • Bespoke Product Solutions

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  • Industry Authority
  • Product Innovation

Case studies

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  • Leading Edge Design Expertise
  • Application Based Technical Support


  • Intelligent Engineered Solutions
  • Smarter Thinking Better Solutions


  • Sustainable Products and Practices
  • Enabling Sustainable Building Technology

Polypipe understands its customers’ businesses and the challenges they face, making us well placed to help deliver solutions that meet key market drivers. As well as ensuring availability of the broadest product portfolio that carry an extensive list of product approvals, allowing its systems to be widely specified, Polypipe has a team of experienced experts that train, interact with and influence the numerous customer groups in all of our market sectors. From specifiers and engineers, to the merchants, to the installers and plumbers, Polypipe’s customers have come to expect quality, support, trust, competence and capability, which are values that are consistently maintained throughout the Company’s operations.

In combining all of the above, Polypipe continues to maintain the market leading position for creating plastic pipe technology and sustainable products that are intelligently engineered.

With storm events and water shortages occurring more frequently due to environmental change, Polypipe’s engineered solutions help its customers ensure their developments are resilient. The Company can act as a key partner in providing modern building practices in regards to managing water as a scarce resource, empowering town planners and regional authorities to create drainage systems that support modern city living. As the trend of urbanisation continues on a global scale, Polypipe maintains its position as an authority on water management in these environments, helping an expanding population deal with flood events and enjoy healthy, green space in and around the built environment.

Polypipe’s ventilation solutions boosted by the acquisition of Nuaire, help to provide comfortable environments for occupants of buildings, by for example regulating temperature, humidity, odours and contaminants in the air. With average air temperatures projected to rise significantly over the coming decades due to climate change, and the ‘urban heat island effect’ likely to exacerbate the intensity of heatwaves in cities, the convergence of low energy heating and ventilation solutions that maintain comfortable internal temperatures and help avoid overheating all year round becomes increasingly important.

Furthermore, Polypipe’s Permavoid system used on podium decks or at roof level, provides a solution for water capture (‘rainwater harvesting’) and allows for a planted ‘green roof’ that not only acts as an insulation barrier, but the combination of plant processes (photosynthesis and evapotranspiration) and soil processes (evapotransmission) reduce the amount of solar energy absorbed by the roof membrane, leading to cooler temperatures beneath the surface, further reducing the energy required for cooling.