Building from a position of market leadership in the UK, where the Company is the largest plastic piping systems manufacturer (by sales volume) and largest light commercial ventilation manufacturer, Polypipe continues to invest in order to maintain and develop its position as a leader in the management and movement of air and water.

This investment and scale provides both operational efficiency and considerable economic reach to serve the broadest range of customers.

Based on a core offer of plastic piping, supported by complete system performance design, incorporating engineered in-house manufactured fittings and ancillaries, Polypipe is uniquely placed to offer a differentiated total solution to those from other plastic pipe manufacturers. It is able to pursue significant growth opportunities by developing effective solutions to new and emerging legislation, in addition to providing customers with a high performance alternative to pipes manufactured from legacy materials such as clay, copper and concrete in each of the sectors the Company serves. In this way, Polypipe’s sales growth has consistently outperformed the construction market.

Polypipe’s focus on value addition through engineered solutions, its above-market growth and its commitment to investment leverages an existing operational footprint to generate incremental profitability, which allows Polypipe to deliver a strong and resilient financial performance.

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