The overall UK construction market has remained resilient in spite of rising political uncertainty and some fundamental macro-economic challenges.

Even within this challenging environment, there remains sustained demand for value-adding, engineered solutions such as those proposed by Polypipe.

The UK construction market


What this means for Polypipe

Our portfolio

The UK demand drivers


Property transactions

UK house price inflation

RM&I Sector

Public housing activity

Commercial sector output

Infrastructure sector output


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Sustained new build activity

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Solutions that reduce the requirement for onsite labour (e.g dry verge roofing)

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Prefabricated solutions

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Value-added solutions (e.g air quality carbon filtration)

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Continued demand for resilient infrastructure solutions to cope with consequences of extreme weather (e.g. SuDs)

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Continued substitution against legacy materials (e.g. 750mm and 900mm corrugated pipe against concrete)

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Smart monitoring and remote controls (e.g smart roof)

Hands iconPlace making and green infrastructure (e.g. Permavoid-based solutions)

Key Differentiators

  • Investment in product development and innovation
  • Focus on sustainability and building a world-class sustainable business
  • Long-standing customer relationships
  • Manufacturing scale, productivity and logistics efficiency
  • Intellectual property and expertise that can be leveraged across different geographies
  • Value-added engineered solutions

Balanced sales split and market exposure

Polypipe has a balanced mix of business that covers the Residential, Commercial and Infrastructure construction sectors; and within each of these, the activities of New Build and Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RM&I) sub-sectors.

This broad exposure across the sectors provides a counter-cyclical balance to the more volatile peaks and troughs of the new-build cycle, and provides even further opportunity for Polypipe to provide effective solutions to new and emerging legislation, substitute legacy building materials, and therefore to deliver above-market growth.