The Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and maintaining an effective framework for the control and management of the Group.

The Board is responsible for the leadership and direction of the Group and is ultimately responsible to the Company’s shareholders for the Group’s long-term success. The Board takes the lead in areas such as strategy, financial policy and making sure we maintain a sound system of internal control. The Board monitors compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code dated April 2016 issued by the Financial Reporting Council.

The Board has established a formal schedule of matters reserved for its approval and has delegated other specific responsibilities to its principal Committees which are listed below:

  • Audit Committee – chaired by Paul Dean
  • Nomination Committee – chaired by Ron Marsh
  • Remuneration Committee – chaired by Louise Hardy

The responsibilities of the Committees are clearly defined within the terms of reference of the respective Committees which are documented formally and regularly reviewed.

By delegating authority to its Committees, the Board directs and reviews the Group’s operations within an agreed framework of controls, allowing risk to be assessed and managed within agreed parameters.