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This luxury lodge is made from Canadian pine and is the first of its kind to be imported from Canada to the UK

Case Study: Canadian Lodge

Project: Canadian Lodge, Shotts, Lanarkshire

Client: Freedom Joinery, Developer

Product: Solid floor underfloor heating, Staple System

The developer chose to include Polypipe underfloor heating in this prestigious project.

Located in a picturesque forest in South Lanarkshire, and on the site of a prestigious golf club, this lodge is intended to be a flagship holiday let home. Underfloor heating was the perfect solution for this green development, as the pipes are entirely underfoot and out of sight, maximising space and leaving walls available for furniture or artwork, rather than being lost to wall mounted radiators. Underfloor heating is also a sustainable heating option as it operates at a much lower water temperature than a radiator system, so the heat source is working more efficiently and consuming less energy to generate the warm water required to heat the space.

Freedom Joinery chose Polypipe underfloor heating to bolster its green credentials and maximise available living space.

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Canadian lodge
Canadian lodge