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This retrofitted flood alleviation scheme was designed and prepared off-site to minimise disruption for this busy residential area

Case Study: SuDS Solutions

Project: Linnet Rise Flood Alleviation Scheme, Kidderminster

Client: NMCNomenca; Severn Trent Water

Application: Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)

Polypipe SuDS solution enhanced flood protection and ensured minimal intrusion into residents’ usable space.

The lack of capacity in the existing highway drainage network placed many properties in the residential area of Linnet Rise at risk of flooding. Polypipe supplied a complete prefabricated solution using Polystorm geocellular tanks, together with pipework, manholes and catchpits all manufactured off-site. The final design saw the installation of two Polystorm geocellular tanks at a depth of 3.2 metres, under two resident owned car parks on the Linnet Rise site, providing 366m3 and 479m3 of storage respectively. The solution was retrofitted to the existing area with minimal disruption to local residents to provide long-lasting flood protection.

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Linnet rise
Linnet rise