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Underfloor heating installed across the whole floor produces a consistent and ambient heat throughout the entire room

Case Study: Windmill Overlay UFH

Project: The Windmill, Doncaster

Application: Underfloor heating

Products: Polypipe’s Overlay™ system

The very tall layout of the building meant that the heating system had to be installed to avoid the heat rising only along the wall, leaving the middle of the room cold. Polypipe’s Overlay™ system is only 18mm in depth, and so does not raise the floor to an unacceptable level, removing the need for messy and expensive excavation. With the room being completely round, it was impossible to locate radiators to fit the curve of the wall. Underfloor heating resolved this issue completely, with no large wall mounted equipment required, and so provided the optimal retrofit solution.

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Connecting manifold
Installing heating system