Polypipe is pleased to announce that its unique Domus Thermal duct insulation range is being extended to cover its 220x90mm Megaduct Rigid Duct System

Megaduct is a range of large capacity rectangular ducting, suitable for larger installations. The system is particularly appropriate for applications which require higher air flow rates associated with whole-house ventilation within larger domestic properties and light commercial environments.

Previously Domus Thermal was available solely for the best selling 204x60mm Supertube rectangular ducting range, as well as Ø100mm, Ø125mm and Ø150mm round profiles. However the demand for this innovative duct insulation system has been such that as from early next year Polypipe Ventilation will extend it to cover the 220x90mm Megaduct size. The Domus Thermal range was also expanded earlier this year to cover a wider range of Supertube fittings, including vertical 45º bends and a fixed spigot plenum; both of which are also included in the new Megaduct range.

Domus Thermal is a patented system that significantly improves the thermal insulation of round and rectangular ventilation ducting in domestic properties, thus reducing heat loss and preventing the formation of condensation.

Domus Thermal was developed by Polypipe Ventilation to meet current Building Regulation requirements as outlined in the Government’s 2010 Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide. The Guide states that ducting must be insulated where it passes through unheated areas and voids, such as loft spaces, to reduce the possibility of condensation forming, which can lead to unsightly – and unhealthy – mould. The Guide sets a minimum duct insulation standard which is the equivalent of at least 25mm of a material having a thermal conductivity of ≤0.04W/(m.K). Domestic duct insulation products on the market are often unable to meet this requirement; however, Domus Thermal exceeds it and therefore allows ventilation installers to fully comply with Part F 2010 Building Regulations.

Domus Thermal has been recognised by the LABC for this same purpose, as well as for additional use to insulate rigid ducting passing between the MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) appliance and external terminals in the heated area of a property. The latest NHBC guidelines reinforce this usage, stressing the need to avoid condensate forming on the outside of these colder duct runs.

Manufactured from silver EPS (expanded polystyrene), incorporating carbon particles to further improve performance, Domus Thermal has high insulative properties. Each section consists of two moulded halves that fit snugly around the ducting and simply lock into place using a moulded interlocking feature. The straight length sections are also moulded with a cutting guide every 10mm for added simplicity. Such a design not only makes for quick and simple installation but also looks highly professional.

The robust structure and design of Domus Thermal, in addition to the combined strength of the insulation being fitted around Polypipe’s Domus rigid duct, makes the system extremely resilient to site handling.

Polypipe Ventilation is at the forefront in delivering energy-efficient ventilation solutions and plays a vital role in helping customers to achieve the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The company offers a complete range of Domus rigid and semi-rigid ducting, Silavent mechanical extract ventilation appliances, including Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery units, in addition to bathroom and kitchen intermittent extract fans. All of which makes for a single source of all domestic and light commercial ventilation equipment and systems.

For further information on Domus Thermal or any of Polypipe’s energy saving ventilation solutions, please click here.

Date: 27 January 2015