Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management products, is reinforcing its commitment to on-site health and safety with the introduction of its new Extended & Heavy Duty Ridgistorm-XL Lifting Points.​

Designed with installation teams in mind, the range now aids in the handling and lifting of Ridgistorm-XL chambers up to 2500kg in weight and in diameters between 1050mm - 3000mm. This is an extension to the existing range of Standard Lifting points, which can lift chambers from 1050mm – 1800mm, up to 1500kg.

The lifting points are pre-welded in-house at the company’s Loughborough facility to allow for Ridgistorm-XL chambers to be installed even more safely and easily on-site, whilst guaranteeing leak tightness.

Polypipe’s lifting points offer a fail-safe design and are welded externally to the chamber to reduce working in confined spaces. They can also be used as an anti-flotation device to stop chambers from floating during concrete filling.


Emma Nicholls, Marketing Manager at Polypipe, said:

Health and safety has, rightly, been increasingly made a major consideration on construction projects. At Polypipe we’ve been keen to play a key part in this by ensuring that our products are as safe to install as possible.

“Along with all of the benefits associated with the off-site manufacture of a product that is lighter in weight than traditional materials, we can now boast that our largest diameter chambers can be safely lifted during offloading and installation on site.

The super-sized, strong and versatile Ridgistorm-XL piping system is utilised across a wide variety of construction sectors for applications such as flood alleviation, waste water and sewerage, infrastructure, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy and air ventilation.

Date: 20 April 2015