Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management products has added to its water treatment product range with the introduction of its new surface and sub-surface water treatment drainage system Ridgitreat.

Ridgitreat comprises of the popular Ridgidrain surface water drainage system, which is provided plain ended and perforated, wrapped in Permafilter geotextile and is available in sizes 100mm-300mm. It provides surface water treatment when used in infiltration SuDS solutions, such as a filter drain.

It is ideal for highway and rail applications where it can be used alongside roads or railway tracks, and within car park areas. In these instances Ridgitreat acts as a first line of treatment in places susceptible to hydrocarbon pollution.

Ridgitreat collects, filters and breaks down residual hydrocarbons found in surface water through a process of naturally occurring biodegradation, providing a self-cleansing mechanism that ensures only clean water enters local water courses or sewer network.

As well as being compatible with all existing Ridgidrain fittings, the BBA, HAPAS and Network Rail PADS approved system can also be used in conjunction with Polystorm and Permavoid to provide treatment of hydrocarbons before water enters the attenuation tanks.


Emma Nicholls, Marketing Manager at Polypipe Civils, said:

Although we already boast a comprehensive suite of water management and treatment systems, it’s always an exciting time when we are able to bring a new source control treatment solution to the market.

“In the case of Ridgitreat we have been able to build on technology that customers are familiar with and provide a new method of surface water treatment and drainage that will open up a host of possibilities for engineers. The fact that Ridgidrain already boasts approval from leading bodies makes it easy to be specified, and our team of expert technical staff are available to discuss design options with anyone considering Ridgitreat for their project.

Date: 21 July 2015