Polypipe’s 3,000mm diameter plastic pipe, the largest in its product range, is set to benefit a new housing development in West Yorkshire as part of its stormwater drainage system.

​As the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management products, Polypipe worked closely with Yorkshire Water and RAB Engineering Design Limited to provide an innovative solution for Strata Homes’ ‘Origin’ housing development in Featherstone.

Despite the site’s limited public open space of 360m2, Polypipe was able to design a solution and supplied its Ridgistorm-XL piping solution in 3,000mm diameters to form a 430m3stormwater attenuation system. This provides necessary attenuation for the new housing development in the occurrence of a ‘1 in 100’ year storm event, plus climate change, as stipulated by the local authority, which is also adoptable for Section 104 approval. Water is discharged from the tank located beneath the public open space at a flow rate of 127 litres per second so as not to overwhelm local drainage system.

The engineered system, which comprised of four legs and two manifolds, was jointed by internal welding by BFS Nationwide Ltd - a process made simpler due to the inclusion of integral sockets within Ridgistorm-XL, which work to provide improved alignment between pipes.

Kenny Mawson, Technical Manager at Strata Homes, said: “We have been impressed by Polypipe’s Ridgistorm-XL and utilised it on a couple of schemes as it offers a cost effective and quicker alternative to traditional products. We needed a durable product to meet site requirements and to be able to cope with potentially more than 400mof stormwater, so finding a 3,000mm pipe that could be engineered was the perfect solution.

“There was the potential problem of space constraints on site, however after we provided a full design to incorporate the required attenuation volume within the available footprint, Polypipe was able to rise to the brief and supply a solution that met our needs exactly.”

Vikki Woodhouse, Water Management Solutions Residential Manager at Polypipe, added: “We were delighted that Strata Homes sought our expertise for its latest development in West Yorkshire. By utilising our teams’ extensive design expertise and understanding of regulatory drainage requirements for residential applications, we were able to engineer a solution which not only met the needs of the end client, but contributed to valuable savings in time, cost and also space while adhering to legislation.”

Date: 27 April 2015