A complex drainage solution for the Glasgow and South Western rail line has been supplied by Polypipe.

Polypipe supplied the ideal drainage solutions to the Drumshinnoch Cutting near Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway.

The problem of localised slipping of the cutting bank had arisen as a result of saturated ground and a blockage of the field drainage system.

In order to maintain the stability of the cutting and supporting soil, the design consisted of a new network of crest drainage, down slope herringbone drainage and catchpits – based on Network Rail standards.

Polypipe supplied main contractor QTS Group with more than 500 metres of perforated Ridgidrain structural wall pipework, and 32 prefabricated catchpits, manufactured off-site at Polypipe’s in-house fabrications facility.

Ridgidrain is manufactured from HDPE using a structured wall design to produce a robust but flexible pipe. Its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance ensures that Ridgidrain is well suited for land drainage applications.

Ridgidrain has a low friction inner wall and, due to its 6m lengths, has a reduced number of joints for speed of installation.

The lighter weight nature of the products made them well suited to the Drumshinnoch Cutting project, thanks to their ease of transportation and handling with the installation being in a rural location.

Date: 30 September 2015