Silavent Green Line axial fans from Polypipe Ventilation, manufacturer of market-leading domestic and light commercial ventilation systems, have been installed in the luxury Blue Waters Resort in Antigua.

The energy efficient Silavent Green Line 100mm axial fans were specified for this Caribbean project by the hotel’s UK owners due to their quality and performance. Despite the hotel’s proximity to the North American mainland, the majority of equipment is shipped over from the UK to maintain the high standards the resort has become renowned for. The Silavent fans are being installed into the windowless bathrooms throughout Blue Waters Resort – one of the Caribbean’s finest resorts - as part of an ongoing upgrade project.

Silavent Green Line bathroom and kitchen axial fans have been specifically designed to consume less power and help reduce a home’s overall carbon emissions. Polypipe Ventilation claim them to be one of the most energy efficient range of axial fans available, offering extremely low Specific Fan Powers down to 0.22W/(l/s) and using up to 70% less power than other low energy fans when in stand-by mode.

Polypipe Ventilation’s latest addition to its Silavent portfolio is the brand new Silavent Sapphire range, featuring axial and centrifugal dMEV, and intermittent axial, in-line and centrifugal bathroom and kitchen fans.

The highly desirable Sapphire fans are available as both standard and Green Line energy efficient models, with extremely low Specific Fan Powers (SFP) to comply with Building Regulations at an extremely attractive price point - making them perfect for new builds as well as replacements for home owners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Incorporating the same aesthetically pleasing design across the full Sapphire range, the stylish axial and centrifugal dMEV units provide quiet, continuous ventilation to any single wet room. They also operate with an extremely low SFP, down to 0.19W/(l/s) and as an added benefit to developers, specifiers and contractors alike, will help to lower a property’s Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) and therefore provide a higher SAP rating.

Delivering premium ventilation technology for the last 50 years, Silavent fans have a well deserved reputation for quality and excellent technical support, in-line with Polypipe’s position in the ventilation market. Polypipe Ventilation is well placed to offer immediate, practical solutions to revised Building Regulations and continues to provide differentiated solutions in the private and social housing sectors - transforming the way developers and specifiers meet emerging environmental standards.

Date: 24 April 2015