The Group aims to continuously improve the quality and safety of the working environment for all employees.

The Group has a published Health, Safety and Environment policy that sets out the overriding principles of health and safety for all employees. The business units operate to externally accredited ISO / OHSAS standards.

Health and Safety achievements in the year included:

Following five consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards, the Group achieved the Gold Medal Award for exceptional performance and dedicated support for health and safety within the organisation.

Polypipe’s toolmaking and repair business, Mason Pinder, based in Thorne, achieved over 3,400 days without a lost time accident. This is an outstanding achievement and a significant milestone, of which everyone at Mason Pinder can be proud. These safety achievements have resulted in donations to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund under the Charity Award for Safety and Health (CASH) scheme of over £3,600.

The Group continued the implementation of a focused formalised safety tour programme for management. These safety tours, undertaken by Executive Directors through to department managers, engage staff and further encourage health, safety and environmental discussion and improvement.

The Group operates a formal system for reporting and recording hazards and near misses. The ‘See it, Sort it, Report it’ scheme encourages individuals across the business at all levels to report hazards, suggest solutions and allows trends to be analysed. In 2017, the number of such reports reached record levels at 5,321 reports resulting in improvement projects being delivered across the Group which in turn enhanced employee working environment safety.

Accident frequency performance and details of all significant incidents are reviewed during the weekly executive meeting attended by the Executive Directors and certain senior managers.

The table below sets out the KPIs used by the Group to monitor accident performance:

2017 2016 2015
Frequency per 100,000 hours worked
– all accidents 5.93 6.43 8.24
– RIDDORS* 0.53 0.65 0.65

RIDDORS – HSE reportable accidents and dangerous occurrences based on the current seven-day absence from work reporting requirement in the UK and although there is no direct equivalent in Mainland Europe and the Middle East, the same definition is applied.