Our expertise and product range make us the ideal partner to help manage the movement of water and provide engineered solutions that enable the reduction of carbon in these environments, providing a truly global opportunity to deliver a sustainable and resilient built environment in established and growing markets around the world.

Polypipe continually evolves its solutions and products to respond to the challenges raised by an ever-changing climate, by delivering intelligent water management solutions, to help make cities more resilient.

The development of systems from Polypipe provide innovative drainage solutions that not only intercept and manage storm water, helping to prevent flooding, but also allow the reuse, capture and filtration of water as part of a permeable pavement system, for example, to support Green Infrastructure in urban areas.

These systems help to protect and allow inner-city trees to thrive as part of a planted drainage system, as well as naturally irrigating green surfaces from beneath; thus saving potable water and easing the strain on our sewer systems. Managing water efficiently and effectively with vegetation to help create evaporative cooling by evapotranspiration from plants and soils helps to cool inner cities, offset the urban heat island effect and ultimately, helps to create places where people want to be and where biodiversity can thrive.