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As with our Water Management solutions, Polypipe’s Climate Management solutions satisfy the most stringent of Government legislation.

We continue to invest in developing products and systems that enable and control heating, ventilation and cooling. Such solutions make built environments more energy efficient, cleaner and more comfortable to live in. This results in a more sustainable and resilient built environment, not just for the benefit of Governments, but for everyone.

Case Study: Windmill overlay UFH

Project: The Windmill, Doncaster

Application: Underfloor heating

Products: Polypipe’s Overlay™ system

The very tall layout of the building meant that the heating system had to be installed to avoid the heat rising only along the wall, leaving the middle of the room cold. Polypipe’s Overlay™ system is only 18mm in depth, and so does not raise the floor to an unacceptable level, removing the need for messy and expensive excavation. With the room being completely round, it was impossible to locate radiators to fit the curve of the wall. Underfloor heating resolved this issue completely, with no large wall mounted equipment required, and so provided the optimal retrofit solution.

Underfloor heating installed across the whole floor produces a consistent and ambient heat throughout the entire room.

Connecting manifold
Heating system

CASE STUDY: Specsavers

Project: Glazing Services and Lens Online Distribution Centre, Kidderminster, West Midlands

Client: Specsavers International

M&E Consultants: KGF Cox Ltd, Greenways & Partners Ltd.

Nuaire supplied four Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS) air handling units to provide balanced ventilation with heat recovery and cooling to the warehouse and office facilities.

Employed directly by Specsavers, building services consultancy KGF Cox Ltd designed the mechanical and electrical services for the Lens Online warehouse, while also overseeing the design of the office services delivered by Greenways.

Nuaire’s BPS units were specified with Condenser / Direct Expansion (DX) reverse cycle coils, which are capable of providing heating and cooling.

Our solutions

Specsavers employees moving into the new manufacturing and distribution centre in Kidderminster are now enjoying optimum indoor air quality and a comfortable working environment created by Nuaire’s BPS air handling units.

Air handling unit
AVT twin fan