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As cities become more populated and as weather events become more extreme more frequently, no single technical solution can claim to resolve these issues by itself. Nevertheless, steps can be taken to mitigate the potential impact. Polypipe’s extensive range of Water Management solutions are designed to reduce or intercept the potential impact of extreme flooding and to help cities recover more quickly.

In fact, to help cities become ever more resilient, Polypipe has developed systems to manage surface water, flooding, rainwater harvesting and treatment as well as recycling for reuse.

Case study: Glasgow Housing Association

Client: Glasgow Housing Association (GHA)

Application: Plumbing and above ground drainage

Part of major regeneration works by Transforming Communities Glasgow, the project saw the creation of 141 new homes for social rent in Sighthill, plus a further 157 new homes being built on the site of a former primary school. Polypipe’s solutions were selected for their light weight, durability and ease of installation, allowing new tenants to move into their homes as quickly as possible.

Glasgow housing
Glasgow housing

Case study: Melina Road, London

Project: Counters Creek Flood Alleviation Scheme, Thames Water

Application: Source control, attenuation and irrigation for rain gardens

Product: Permavoid, Permafoam and Permatex Geotextile

Melina Road is part of a three-street scheme designed to alleviate flood risk in streets built over the Counters Creek river system in London. In order to compensate for the loss of permeable green space that would have alleviated the risks of excess stormwater, Polypipe was able to supply a unique SuDS geocellular solution at this busy residential street in Hammersmith, which includes a local school and a public open space. 2,345 Permavoid cells were installed to provide 88m³ of rainwater storage and irrigation, in four separate storage tanks beneath the new rain gardens.

Permavoid and Permafilter geotextile have been installed beneath permeable paving to manage stormwater on a busy residential street

Melina road
Melina road