As cities become more populated and as weather events become more extreme more frequently, no single technical solution can claim to resolve these issues by itself. Nevertheless, steps can be taken to mitigate the potential impact. Polypipe’s extensive range of Water Management solutions are designed to reduce or intercept the potential impact of extreme flooding and to help cities recover more quickly.

In fact, to help cities become ever more resilient, Polypipe has developed systems to manage surface water, flooding, rainwater harvesting and treatment as well as recycling for reuse, while enabling the development of green infrastructure (such as green roofs, or urban green spaces, which make places for end users to enjoy) which reduces the urban heat island effect and improves air quality in the cities.

Case study: Project Vivaldi

In March 2018, the Vivaldi office building in Amsterdam, a blue-green roof based on Permavoid technology, was proclaimed the Roof of the Year 2017 in an industry award ceremony held in Holland.

The aim of the Roof of the Year Award is to showcase and celebrate innovation and quality within the roofing sector.

A panel of six judges, all experts from across the industry, assesses a shortlist of entrants against a series of demanding criteria, namely: aesthetic value, technology, sustainability, the cooperation between the building parties and safe working practice.

This year, a diverse range of 11 projects were shortlisted from across Holland, including a sports complex, a conference centre and a hospital, which between them were all progressive demonstrations of ambitious design and outstanding craftsmanship. It was clear from the shortlisted projects that the deployment of green infrastructure on roofs is a growing trend.

The jury found that the Vivaldi office building project was an excellent demonstration of this progressiveness. They considered it to be an innovative application of dynamic water attenuation on a ‘blue-green’ roof, in which the aesthetically pleasing finished roof also creates a usable outdoor space and extra value for the end-user. The jury recognised the ambition shown on this project, the innovative approach and the technical soundness of the design, which saw this project named Roof of the Year 2017.

Project Vivaldi

Permavoid subbase during installation