At Polypipe, our commitment to sustainability flows from our way of working, to build and develop a sustainable business, through to taking solutions to market that are by nature of their application enabling a sustainable and resilient built environment.

Step 1

Sustainable inputs

Quality controlled inputs

Prime Polymers

Prime polymers

Internally Recycled Polymers

Internally recycled polymers

Externally Recycled Polymers

Externally recycled polymers

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Step 2

Sustainable processes

Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption

Energy consumption

Reduced manufacturing energy consumption

Reprocessed Material

Reprocessed material

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Step 3

Sustainable materials

Light In Weight

Light in weight

Plastics are lighter, easier to handle and reduce transportation costs

Strong In Use

Strong in use

Plastic pipes and fittings are tough, durable and resistant to corrosion

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Step 4

Sustainable solutions

Carbon Efficient

Carbon efficient solutions

Product systems that save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Water Management

Water management solutions

Products that recognise water as a scarce resource and reduce flooding

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The sustainable built environment

Our Journey





Recyclable at end of life


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